Efficient installation and reliable performance

Click-Fit - our “plug in system” - is known for its easy installation, longtime high performance and reliability. The Click-Fit concept is based on pre-molded HV accessories.

It is the premium line of accessories by Prysmian Group, developed in the Netherlands over 25 years ago. Click-Fit accessories have been installed all over the world, from powering the onshore wind farm in the Niagara river region of North America to the mines of Australia.

How does it work?

The Click-Fit Concept


Step 1

Cable plug prepared with spring loaded locking pin.


Step 2

The cable end is inserted with the locking pin pressed down (after lubrication of insulation).


Step 3

The cable end is plugged into its final position with the locking pin extended. The cable is mechanically locked.

Why choose Click-Fit?

Choosing Click-Fit means the right experience and expertise to fit our solutions to your cable system.


Ensuring the efficiency and reliability for the whole (extra) high voltage system

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