Unique identification: PRY-ID spots the right cable – every time

From now on, you don’t have to worry whether you’ve found the right cable before cutting it, whether the cable documentation is correct, or how to locate either of the cable ends.


With PRY-ID – you can always be sure. By scanning a cable, pre-fixed with an electronic chip, you will access everything you need to know on our user-friendly app. You decide what information to store on the chip – wireless scanning will allow you to reach it.

Innovation embodied in three elements


Cable info one click away

With Pry-ID, all the information about the system components is uploaded in the cloud and connected automatically - no extra effort needed. 

With improved user interface, you get clear identification of cable routes and application right at at the place in your hand, with any device at your disposal. 

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Pry-ID team

Birger Hodt

Innovation Product Development Manager