Your virtual assistant for cable inventory management

Alesea transforms the cable drum from a simple package into an intelligent asset that supports customers in improving their efficiency in operations and inventory management.

Alesea makes the information about your assets always available, and autonomously updated by the solution. You get real time inventory visibility, actionable notifications and you will know each asset’s location, status, history, usage and handling conditions.

The Smart Solution

Two elements of Alesea for your success


The Smart Device

A sensored tracking device that includes a GPS tracker, environmental sensors, motion detectors, and mobile communications. The collected information is presented on an intuitive cloud-based platform.


The Smart Customer Service

Live data displayed on the online portal & Periodic reporting for in-depth analysis available


Reporting & support

With Alesea, you have the option to set up notifications yourself when events occur that you would like to be informed about - such as delivery, security, stock levels or empty drums.

You will also receive periodic reporting from our expert team with detailed information about your drum assets. In addition, at start-up we offer technical support from our experts, to be instructed in how to transform your data into insight.


How can Alesea help your supply chain become more sustainable?

  • Optimizes transport to decrease CO2 emissions and improves fuel efficiency
  • Simplifies inventory management by providing precise details about the location, timing, and quantity of drums awaiting transportation
  • Enhances worksite sustainability by ensuring optimal use of cable scraps, reducing waste, and enabling the efficient utilization of every inch of cable 
  • Increases drum return to manufacturers and reduces the time spent empty on field 
  • Offers digital metrics that measure cable installation and usage performance, aiding in achieving enhanced overall performance and efficiency

Are you interested in more details or arranging a commercial trial?

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