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The world is in the midst of a data explosion. Across the globe, people are sharing, purchasing, downloading, streaming, connecting and communicating in the digital sphere. Living and working digitally is the new normal. And for network operators, this means managing an exponential increase in bandwidth to meet the world’s rising demand. At Prysmian Group, our Digital Solutions business unit is building modern day networks that provide robust physical infrastructure, trusted IT security and long-term reliability.

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Optical Fibre

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Telecom Networks

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OPGW & Specials

Our commitment to the digital transformation

At Prysmian, our Digital Solutions are realising the infrastructure of today and tomorrow, helping the world to meet its most pressing challenges. By pushing the boundaries of digitalisation, we will seize the opportunities offered by this new market trend and lead the digital transformation that is happening worldwide


Data networks must support the exponential demands of IoT, 5G, connected buildings, Industry 4.0 and more. Ensuring high-speed connectivity in the core network, within data centres or at the edge.


Network congestion

As the world demands more speed, our networks become increasingly overcrowded.


Fast-paced, competitive markets
Our customers often work in markets that shift rapidly, and need to set themselves apart from the competition.


Energy transition
The world needs cleaner and ‘greener’ energy supplies and telecoms networks. Fibre networks are the most sustainable of technologies.

Our three business pillars

Innovation: Discovering new products and solutions
Our R&D centres of excellence are hotbeds of radical and incremental innovation. This spirit of innovation is shared across our business, and we dedicate time, investment and skill to engineer meaningful innovations that will impact our customers’ businesses. So we can help them solve every challenge they face.


Global footprint: Making our technology accessible
With 30+ manufacturing facilities spread across multiple continents, our supply chain is unrivalled in the telecoms industry. Not only can we save time and money on logistics, and pass those savings on to our customers, we also have complete control over our production. So we can offer competitively priced solutions for every customer.


Customer intimacy: Maintaining close customer relations
With a global business presence and more than 5,000 Prysmian people dedicated to the Telecom BU, we are closer to our customers than any of our competitors. But it’s not just our proximity that sets us apart: our experts have the regionalised knowledge, sector expertise and hands-on experience your business needs to address its challenges.

Connect to Lead in Digital Solutions: our approach

Prysmian Digital Solutions BU offers solutions for all your telecoms needs. From our proprietary optical fibre technology to optical and copper cables to connectivity. From R&D and production to installation, testing maintenance and beyond. You name it, we do it all. In-house.

Made up of three business units working as one integrated whole, you’ll benefit from the commitments and efficiency of a single-source provider, and the combined knowledge and capabilities of multiple specialists. It means we can offer integrated, end-to-end solutions, and guaranteed expertise at every step.


Telecoms submarine solutions

The transmission of data and communications has long stretched beyond the confines of the land. In response to an ever-growing requirement for telecommunications to be transmitted across oceans, Prysmian has expanded its reach to once again become a world leader.

With the acquisition of General Cable, the Group added the capability and services of Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH (NSW) to its portfolio

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Thomas Zambon

North Europe Telecom Sales Director