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Linking integrity and safety to construction and installation

At Prysmian Group, we are a trusted enabler, provider and partner to the construction industry and electrical wholesale, offering a reliable service with integrity on every project. And we’ve been providing the products and services you need for more than 140 years, so you can be confident in our reputation for quality.

We take a customer-first approach to everything we do: from visiting global construction project sites to reflecting on your needs to guide product launches, refinement and innovation.


As a construction and installation expert, you know that building the world takes a combination of things: skills, experience, market knowledge and care. So why settle for any less from your industry partners?


ECO CABLE: Green inside and out

We provide products that are the green life blood that brings energy to homes, infrastructures and cities around the world.

With a business strategy consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to be greener inside and out.

We express this through products that, when installed in homes, infrastructures and cities around the world, help make them greener too.

ECO CABLE is the first green label in the cable industry and vouches for the increasing sustainability of our cables.


Going beyond the cable

To support your business more fully, and to help you find new value in a changing world, Prysmian is constantly looking beyond the cables we manufacture. So our services for the construction sector now encompass innovative digital solutions that help you work more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably. Click to discover our solution to your needs:

All cables are not the same

As you construct the buildings and cities that are shaping our world today, it’s easy to assume that one cable is like any other. At Prysmian, we think differently. By investing in innovative technology that sets new standards in performance, safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency, we’re helping you meet the challenges you face every day.

And we’re proving that all cables are not the same.


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