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Bringing new depth to data and communications

The transmission of data and communications has long stretched beyond the confines of the land. In response to an ever-growing requirement for telecommunications to be transmitted across oceans, Prysmian has expanded its reach to once again become a world leader.

With the acquisition of General Cable, we added the capability and services of NSW to its portfolio

NSW has been manufacturing underwater cables since 1899 and laid its first transatlantic submarine telecommunication cable in 1904, approximately 7,993 kilometres in length. Since then, NSW has established itself as one of the leading turnkey suppliers for providing state-of-the-art submarine cable systems worldwide.

So Prysmian Group – through NSW now offers fibre-optic submarine cables, accessories and associated services to investors and world-leading network operators, who are increasingly opting for the point-to-point or turnkey approach. They recognise that, by placing the entire project in the hands of a qualified expert, the risks that result from a lack of submarine project management experience are avoided, and time to market is brought down to a minimum.

In terms of offshore Oil & Gas, the expanded capability of the Group is hugely beneficial

The increasing complexity of data transmission requirements (platform-to-platform, platform-to-subsea control system and platform-to-shore), challenging technologies like ‘free-floating’ platforms or sub-sea exploration, and the need for higher levels of system reliability, have resulted in the development of new telecommunication system solutions for the offshore industry. Using Prysmian/NSW technology, fibre-optic submarine networks can easily be adjusted to continuously changing business environments and can be incorporated into future engineering concepts.

NSW – the complete story

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