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A four times increase in renewable power capacity is expected to happen by 2030, clearly showing how the world is on a one-way trajectory towards decarbonization and energy transition.

In this changing scenario, Prysmian has a crucial role to play: the Company has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation and adaptation to the new market trends shaping the cable industry, embracing the new emphasis on renewable energy generation. Not only does the Group enable the transmission of renewable energy, but also enhance the cost-effectiveness and sustainability with new cabling solutions. Our cable solutions are, in fact, the backbone of next-generation power grids, paving the way for a more efficient, interconnected, and eco-conscious energy ecosystem.

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Our commitment to the energy transition

Governments and companies around the world have set ambitious “net zero” carbon reduction goals to achieve the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, thereby reducing the pressing threat of climate change and its unpredictable outcomes.


This transition requires an efficient, smart, and robust energy grid to meet the special challenges of managing these discontinuous power sources. Interconnectors are an increasingly important part of power grids, allowing for connections between countries and even continents to ease the flow of affordable and clean energy across long distances. They are a key part of the energy transition: supporting the implementation of a larger, more integrated, efficient and sustainable power transmission system. Prysmian’s submarine interconnectors are made of new, lighter materials and can go deeper under the sea than ever before. Our high-voltage underground interconnectors can bring power more efficiently over long distances from where the energy is produced (like offshore wind farms) to where energy is consumed.

Project excellence and execution

We’re breaking new ground in cable projects delivery.

Our solid and effective approach to project management is second to none, maximising the capabilities and competencies of our qualified teams and individuals in combination with the Group’s extensive production capacities and installation equipment.

We deliver turnkey projects for the construction of underground submarine power links for high power interconnectors and for offshore wind farms. From shallow waters to depths of up to 3,000 metres, our fleet of cable laying vessels – Leonardo da Vinci, Barbarossa, Cable Enterprise, Ulisse, Giulio Verne and Monna Lisa (which is set to start commercial operation in early 2025) - allows us to install submarine cables all over the world. We combine both the extensive experience that matters in this sector and the pioneering solutions to realise the submarine connections our customers require.

Enabling the energy transition

Climate change is the core global challenge that human societies are presently facing. Significant decarbonization must be achieved to tackle this issue. The collective response has been a call for the expansion and integration of renewables. This whitepaper illustrates the energy transition mega trends, explaining how efficient, smart and green power grids are essential to succeed in this process, and describing how Prysmian Group can be a game changer in this scenario.

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