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Empower grid enhancement

Our cable solutions are the backbone of the advanced power grids necessary to achieve the energy transition


The key pillar of the energy transition happening worldwide is the shift from a fossil-fuel based energy mix to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Consequently, the integration of energy from such renewable sources requires enhancements of the power grids. Also, with the ever-increasing demand for electricity in the construction, transportation, and industry segments, grid enhancement is perhaps more crucial now than ever before, to accelerating the energy transition towards a net-zero future.

Prysmian power grids help grid operators and utilities, industrial companies, and installers transmit and distribute the energy that powers every aspect of our world.

We are unmatched in our overall manufacturing and installation capabilities, and have an unwavering commitment to R&D.

We design, produce and install High, Medium and Low Voltage underground cable systems, providing network components, value added engineering as well as asset monitoring solutions and services


Connect to Lead in Power Grid

According to its new Connect to lead, business strategy Prysmian aims at seizing the opportunities stemming from the structural megatrends shaping the cable industry and become a global cable solution provider.

In line with this mission, the Power Grids business unit:

  • Supports power grids upgrade with innovative technologies

  • Promotes grids resilience and sustainability

  • Fosters long lasting customer relationships

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