Powering the industry: Prysmian Group North Europe engineers driving knowledge exchange at JICABLE 2023

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Prysmian Group North Europe engineers successfully showcased at JICABLE 2023 their commitment to knowledge exchange and innovation in the cable technology industry. Through insightful presentations, they shared advancements in materials, technology, and solutions for power transmission, reinforcing Prysmian Group's positioning as a leader in the industry.    

23/06/2023 - 10:00 AM

Bringing global expertise together

Jicable is the leading international technical forum on insulated power cables, taking place once every four years. Best practices and research achievements are being shared reinforcing the importance of knowledge exchange. With ongoing electrification process on a par with growing significance of environmental aspects, Jicable serves as a platform for experts to delve into a comprehensive exploration of the present state-of-the-art achievements and future possibilities, e in materials, technological evolution, manufacturing process enhancements, maintenance policies, estimation of remaining cable life, standardization efforts, field record advancements, deeper insights into dielectric phenomena, thermal and thermo-mechanical behavior, digital simulation techniques, advanced testing methods, diagnostics, innovative solutions for high-power transmission, and new applications across varying voltage levels.


Prysmian Group North Europe in the spotlight

Together with colleagues from other regions, the presentations covered a diverse range of subjects, including the latest advancements in materials, technological evolution, enhanced manufacturing processes, standardisation initiatives, innovative testing and diagnostics methods, as well as groundbreaking solutions for power transmission at various voltage levels. During the closing panel, Srinivas Siripurapu, Prysmian Group Chief R&D and Innovation Officer highlighted “The role of insulated cable systems for the energy transition and the sustainability”.

We congratulate each speaker from North Europe region - Tomasz Koltunowicz, Panagiotis Tsakonas, Corné van Eeden, Svetlana Mukhoriamova - for their contribution which have solidified Prysmian Group's position as a pioneer in the cable technology market staying at the forefront of technological advancements.



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