Cable vessel Leonardo da Vinci for the first time in Finland

The cable-laying vessel Leonardo da Vinci visited the Pikkala factory harbor for the first time at the turn of July and August. During its visit, the ship loaded a sea cable for the offshore wind farm project to be implemented in the North Sea.

05/09/2023 - 09:19 AM

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With 171 meters long and 34 meters wide, Leonardo da Vinci is the largest and most advanced ship of its kind, breaking other records as well: the ship can carry a maximum of 17 thousand tons of cargo and a crew of 120 people. In addition, it can operate for long periods of time in challenging weather conditions, and it can be used to carry out submarine cable installations at the greatest depths in the industry.

Despite its dimensions and capacity, Leonardo da Vinci is more environmentally friendly than its predecessors thanks to its efficient energy use and lower emissions.

Its leading transportation and installation capacity also supports in an important way the renewable energy submarine cable projects that are accelerating around the world and, through them, the regions' green transition and energy self-sufficiency.

The possibility of the ship's visit thanks to the deepening of the waterway carried out in Pikkala the previous year, in turn, will continue to support the factory's position as an internationally important competence center and production facility in the industry.


The Finnish cable export milestone was celebrated in Pikkala together with the staff

The ship's first visit to Pikkala was celebrated by offering the staff a lunch with cake coffee and ice cream. In addition, it was possible to get to know the ship on guided tours. For many, climbing a ladder in a harness and other safety equipment to a ship that was already loading was exciting in itself, after which an informative guided tour and the ship's impressive setting offered a memorable experience.

The Pikkala factory is already eagerly awaiting the ship's new visit and the growing export of Finnish submarine cables to the world.


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